Re: IDV does not like file but CF conventions checker does, why?

I was out this week, but thanks to Tom for figuring this out.
Because this issue has come up before, I just wanted to comment
on one thing.

CF checkers only seem to check some of the CF compatibility.  Just
because it passes the checker, it does not mean that the file
adhere's completely to the CF convention.  I'm not sure what it
checks, but it doesn't check everything.  We've had others who
report their files pass the checker, but in reality, there are missing
attributes that are necessary for true CF compatibility.

I will look into the unit parsing for this case though.  I'm
pretty sure that the underlying VisAD unit parsing only handles
UTC, GMT and Z as valid timezones. I'll see if we can ammend that.

Don Murray

Pearson, Roderick R wrote:

I have a netcdf file that the CF convention checker ( likes. IDV is supposed to like CF data, even the 2 D grid data like my file. I have included the first few lines of my cdl file from ncdump and am wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers on how to correct the file for IDV compatibility.
Thanks in advance.

netcdf Saqmtry1 {
        I = 54 ;
        J = 54 ;
        lev = 23 ;
        time = 23 ;
        latsize = 54 ;
        lonsize = 54 ;
        float Species1(time, lev, I, J) ;
                Species1:long_name = "Species1of5" ;
                Species1:units = "gram" ;
                Species1:coordinates = "lon lat" ;
        double I(I) ;
                I:long_name = "y-coordinate in Cartesian System" ;
                I:units = "m" ;
        double J(J) ;
                J:long_name = "x-coordinate in Cartesian System" ;
                J:units = "m" ;
        double lev(lev) ;
                lev:long_name = "Sigma Level" ;
                lev:positive = "down" ;
                lev:units = "m" ;
        double time(time) ;
                time:long_name = "Time" ;
                time:units = "hours since 2003-12-01 00:00:00MDT" ;
        double lat(I, J) ;
                lat:long_name = "Latitude" ;
                lat:units = "degrees_north" ;
        double lon(I, J) ;
                lon:long_name = "Longitude" ;
                lon:units = "degrees_east" ;

// global attributes:
                :title = "First Try to create netcdf via Matlab" ;
                :Conventions = "CF-1.0" ;
                :institution = "The University of Texas at El Paso" ;
                :source = "SAQM Model" ;
                :history = "Model Simulation completed on    " ;
                :references = "None for this round" ;
                :comment = "None" ;