Re: reading GrADS compatible data directly

Hi Randall-

Randall A. Jones wrote:

I've just installed IDV for the first time and I am attempting to read some data. I noticed that there is a capability to read OPeNDAP (DODS) data sources. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to open GrADS data files directly.

I work with a variety of data sets that are normally visualized and analyzed with GrADS. The data is stored as raw binary with an accompanying .ctl file. Is it possible to access this data directly from file on the local system with the IDV? I assume that if it was served through a DODS server there would be no problem opening it.

The IDV can access GRIB data through the GrADS-DODS Server (GDS). An
example of this is the NOMADS system at NCDC:

We have not looked at (nor even considered) supporting the raw
GrADS data directly. It might be possible to use the new
netCDF for Java 2.2 IOServiceProvider interface to provide access
throught the GeoGridDataSource, otherwise, you could
go the route of writing a new DataSource.

If it is not possible to open directly, what options do I have for accessing it from a local filesystem? Conversion to another format?

We support properly formatted netCDF files (preferably CF 1.0

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