Re: IDV: how to change posn of isosurface light source?

Hi Glenn-

Glenn Carver wrote:
I've got 1.2b2 IDV running happily on my linux PC. IDV is an amazing application and thanks to those who developed it.

Thanks for the kudos.  We try our best. ;-)

One question, is it possible to change the position of the light source for isosurfaces? I have a problem as the light source rotates as the isosurface is rotated which unfortunately for what I want to show, renders the isosurface dark when viewed from the angle I need.

At this point, there is no way to change the light source.  I've
added this request to our (ever growing) TODO list.

I've been through the user manual and mail archives but haven't found anything on this. I'm currently using vis5d+ (which doesn't have this problem) to generate the images I need but would rather use IDV as it can do much more.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it as I'm trying to generate images for a (soon-to-be) submitted publication.

Which neatly brings me to another question. Is there a standard acknowledgement the IDV developers would like in publications acknowledging the contribution from IDV?

For a citation, I generally suggest:

Murray, D., J. McWhirter, S. Wier, S. Emmerson, 2003: The Integrated
    Data Viewer: a Web-enabled application for scientific analysis and
    visualization. Preprints, 19th Intl Conf. on IIPS for Meteorology,
    Oceanography and Hydrology.

Apologies if this is answered somewhere on the website. I didn't find anything though.

No apologies necessary.  It's not there.  Both of these (lighting,
citation) are good items for the FAQ for the next release.

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