resample one grid to another in IDV?

I have data from a LambertConformal model grid M over the pacific northwest. I'd like to compare the model values (for say geopotential height) with the RUC20 grid R.

Manually, I can project M's x,y points to lat,lon, then project those lat/lons back to the x,y grid points of R and resample R's values (using e.g. weighted average) and assign the values to a new grid M'.

Can I do this visually in IDV, so that a two pane display will show M and M', with the default map area for both just M, i.e. not the much bigger R.

If not in IDV, does anyone know of a toolset to do this? I have noted the many tools under

but none seems to quite do what I want.

Any help appreciated

Stuart Maclean