Re: Can IDV decode GRIB files?

Hi Miquel-

Miquel Traveria wrote:
Hi all,

I am wondering if I can decode GFS files in GRIB format using the IDV, and
store this decoded information in a plain text file.

Thank's in advance for your help. Sincerely,

The IDV might be a big hammer to hit this little nail,but
it could be done in the Jython interface depending on what
you want to do.  When you say "plain text file", what
format do you want for the output?  Do you want all the
variables or just some subset.

Since the GRIB reading is done by the underlying netCDF for
Java 2.2 library, it might be eaiser to just use that.

If you can give a fuller description of what you want to do,
I can give you a little more guidance.

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