Re: remote Level II Radar source in IDV

Hi Lan,

>[Remote data server for Level II]

This feature is exactly what we are looking for. When do you think this
would be released? Would there be a beta version that will be available
I'll defer that to John Caron (the THREDDS project manager). John, any ideas about a timeline for this?

>[THREDDS catalog error]

Is this a bug?

Yes, it is. We are trying to read the version attribute as a numeric value. The catalogs it fails on has a version
like 1.0.1 This has been fixed in our development version.

Could you please explain a little more about the http based access? What
needs to be done for this approach? Since our goal is to provide the
Level-II data to the public instead of just researchers at Purdue, the
shared file system solution probably won't work here.
I was just thinking that we could do a file read via http like we can do for netcdf files. Right now the code does not support handling a url. I will look into this but I think there would be some performance hits due to the nature of the reading of the data (lots of round trips to the http server).