Re: remote Level II Radar source in IDV

Hi Lan,

We have a server at Purdue University that runs LDM and receives NEXRAD
level II data in real time. We are currently looking at different ways
of serving the data to the community who are interested in the data, for
example, via OPeNDAP and THREDDS. It would be very convenient if users
could directly access the remote radar data from IDV. Is it possible to
add a remote Level II Radar data source in IDV?
Right now the IDV only reads in Level II Radar from the file system. However, we are working with the THREDDS group here at Unidata to support Level II on remote servers (and Level III from disk).

I also tried to add the data source using a THREDDS catalog, but
received an error "An error has occurred: Creating
uri:http://..../thredds/catalog.xml multiple points". Does anyone know
what caused the error?

I haven't seen that error but it will probably fail if you are trying to point to Level II data from the catalog.

If this is not possible with IDV, are there any alternative ways for
serving real time or near real time level II radar data to the user who
could  access the data directly from a visualization tool?

I'm not sure if the above Level-II on remote server will be in the November release. There may be other workarounds that we can implement (http based access). Can your users access the Level-II file system as a shared file system?