Re: loading point-data to idv

Don Murray wrote:

Hi Rich-

Richard P Signell wrote:

Is there a place on the web where we can find examples of 1D, 2D, and 3D netcdf files that *do* work with IDV?

There is no place on the web site that points to examples, but that
is a good suggestion.  I will add that to our list of "things to do".
We are striving to be fully CF compliant but as you and Heiko have
found, we are not there yet.  We are closer with grids (largely
thanks to your help) and have just started with the point data.
Sticky issues for grids are staggering and dimensionless vertical
coordinates.  CF does not handle the definition of staggered
grids very well and there is always the question of how to
interpolate them.

For point data, I thought we did support CF conventions, but
since Heiko is having problems, I guess not.  Our best hope
is to have samples so we can support them.  We could then
use these to populate the page you are looking for.

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Russ put together a page a while back:

I would expect the grids to work with IDV, please let me know otherwise. Other kinds of data are still "in progress", but reports of what works and what doesnt would be useful.