findbugs and IDV 1.2

Hi all, I'm not really an IDV developer, more of a very interested party in the use and future of IDV, and a software engineer primarily and not a meteorologist.

I have been playing with findbugs, a sourceforge hosted application which statically scans java .class files (and archives) looking for potential bugs. Its beta quality but very promising. I ran the latest cvs snapshot on the idv.jar from IDV 1.2 (the latest officially released findbugs, version 0.9.1, hangs on IDV??) and found 274 potential problems in the "Correctness" category, which to me is the category which will uncover most real problems. Findbugs takes about 30 mins to learn so this could easily be replicated by the 'real IDV dev team'. With Ant integration is can even become a build process component.

I thought this would be worth bringing to light. I think IDV is a great product, don't me wrong. I'm shifting my effort to making my data IDV readable (which is essence is converting to CF convention Netcdf files), as I can see that so much work has gone into IDV.

I hope this is of value.