IDV version 1.2 available for download

The latest Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) release (1.2) is
now available for download.  Please see the IDV homepage:

for information on downloading and using the IDV.

This release incorporates new features and bug fixes including:

User Interface Changes
# New Toolbar
# New Preferences
# New Display Window Configurations
# Favorite Bundles Management
# New Menu Layout for Display Controls

Display Changes
# New Drawing Control
# Support for vectors of u,v and w components
# Improved point data (station model) layout editor
# Improved point data plot control
# Color Table range keyboard control
# New Location Indicator
# Background Image/WMS display
# World Wind location
# State feature based locations
# Improved Location Display features
# Tiger Shape file access
# Improved Shapefile display
# Improved Data Probe
# New Audio Display
# Access to Web Cam data
# Improved Cross Section and Data Transect controls

Maps and Projections
# More predefined map projections
# Position map by address
# Undo/Redo of viewpoint and projection changes

Data Source Changes
# New system formulas
# Better support for point text data
# New underlying netCDF Java package
# GRIB and GRIB2 files can now be read in directly
# Better support for netCDF Radar Sweepfiles
# Better support for netCDF Aircraft Tracks

Other Changes
# Preliminary work for aborting loads.
# Support for printing a display
# QuickTime Movie Capture
# Full Screen Mode
# Memory usage decreased
# New Java/Java 3D in the InstallAnywhere Installers

Bug Fixes
# Various and sundry bugs were fixed

Please see the Release Notes:

for more information on these changes.

If you have questions or problems, please contact Unidata User Support.
Instructions for doing this are found at:

The IDV Development Team
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