grib reading in IDV

Hi IDV developers.

I have unstructured (i.e. finite element) ocean model output that I format
in GRiB on a regular grid for quick visualization.

When stuffing the GRiB into IDV, I notice that IDV does not like the center=0 specification (grib1 pds octet # 5). So, I chose "center=3", which is an un-used
center designation, as far as the NCEP Office Note 388 is concerned.
IDV doesn't like that either.

I'm a bit reluctant to use center=7, since that's NCEP's designation,
and these are definitely not NCEP files.

The java error, with center=0,  is :
NotSupportedException : ucar.grib.NotSupportedException: table for center: 0 subCenter: 0 number: 2
ERROR: An error has occurred:
There was an error loading the data:

So, since I know zip about jar files, and zip about java for that matter,
can you tell me where to edit the java code to get around this?
I can probably figure out what to do (in java, to insert the needed table),
but I have no idea where to look in the jar files.

Thanks very much,
and IDV is really interesting and VERY useful. We are using it as a viz system for
a hurricane storm-surge project to viz the hurricane wind fields and the
ocean's water level response (storm surge).


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