Re: IDV and netCDF FillValue

Hi Brian-

Sorry for the delay in responding.  I was on vacation and your
message got lost in my mailbox.

Brian Blanton wrote:
Hi.  I'm new IDV user.


I'm using IDV for visualization of ocean
model output that has been mapped to a
regular grid.  The points over land are set
to _FillValue=nf90_fill_value, but contours get
drawn with a max value on the range of

What does the attribute look like in ncdump?  Is it
    var:__FillValue = "nf90_fill_value" ;

or has the macro been expanded (as it should be).
It will only work if the value is numeric.

Does IDV recognize netCDF FillValues?

It should.  Can you provide me with a sample file?

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