Re: Making a new filled symbol of > 4 vertices

Stuart Wier wrote:

For a java package to extend the IDV I wish to make a subclass of MetSymbol that draws a symbol in the z=0 plane that is filled and has more than 4 vertices. The existing IDV code shows how to make symbols of (unfilled) lines using VisADLineArray, and filled symbols of of 3 and 4 vertices that using VisADTriangleArray and VisADQuadArray, and specifing the normals to each edge. See for example How are filled symbols of N>4 vertices coded?

Hi Stu,
You might want to try the visad list for this.

I believe that all you have to work with is the quad array (filled 4 point polygon) and the trianglearray (filled triangle). There is no filled polygon capability. Can you piece your shape together with triangles?