Re: Package ucar.nc2.dataset.grid

Hi Thomas-

Taylor, Thomas H. wrote:
I'm interested in the present status and future plans for package
ucar.nc2.dataset.grid, which contains classes GeoGrid, GridCoordSys, and

The netCDF for Java is undergoing a major change, part of which
has been implemented in the current 1.2b2 release.  At present, the IDV
still uses the ucar.nc2.dataset.grid package.  Some changes were
made to this package (particularly around the use of conventions) in
the nj2.2 release which the IDV now uses, but effort was made to make
sure that this was backwards compatible with the nj2.1 release.  This
is all part of the plan to implement the Common Data Model (CDM)
in the nj2.2 release.

The IDV 1.1 and 1.2b1 JavaDoc says "these classes should be considered
experimental and will likely be refactored in the next release."  Can
anyone give me any further information?

This package will continue to be developed and refactored some, but
we will try as much as possible to keep backwards compatibility.
In the end, it will probably move to what is now the ucar.nc2.dt
package (this package name might change).

I've cc'd the netCDF for Java developer for his comments.

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