using attributes of vector maps

Dear Don,
how well does the current release or will future versions of IDV support the 
use and 
manipulation of vector attributes (read: ArcView shape-file attributes), also 
jython level?


Van: owner-idvusers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx namens Don Murray
Verzonden: vr 8/13/2004 23:10
Aan: idvusers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; idvdevelopers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; 
Onderwerp: IDV version 1.1 available for download

The latest Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) release (1.1) is
now available for download.  Please see the IDV homepage:

for information on downloading and using the IDV.

This release incorporates new features and bug fixes including:

    - New side legends
    - More control over saving/loading in a bundle
    - Favorite Bundles
    - 2D gridded fields over topography
    - new Sounding displays
    - Support for Level II Radar files in BZIP2 format
    - Support for netCDF CF 1.0 convention ocean-s dimensionless
      vertical coordinate.
    - Revamped Formula system
    - various and sundry bug fixes

For more information see the 1.1 release notes at:

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