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Capehart, William J wrote:

Is it possible to access IDV's datasources, such as those at & from a non-university or
non-government ISP, such as a commerical internet provider? We have
students (not to mention myself) who wouldn't mind using IDV from their
homes. I've had difficulty with previous versions and am not sure if it
is my ISP, my firewall that is the problem, or if off-edu sites are
blocked from data access.

At this time, access to motherlode (which is also
and other publicly available ADDE and DODS servers is not restricted
except as specified at:

Firewall issues for access to ADDE servers are explained in the IDV

note that this applies to the 1.1 non-beta release.  Previous releases
require ports 500 and 503 (old ADDE access ports) to be open as well.

If the use/load on these servers becomes overwhelming, we may have to
restrict access.  I would also suggest using servers other than to spread the load for ADDE access.  Right now there
is no load balancing in the IDV among servers.  I suggest 1) setting
up your own ADDE server if you are a recipient of the Unidata IDD
streams or 2) picking a site that is more topologically close to you
on the internet.  You can select any from the list and see which gives
the best results.

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