Unstructured data in IDV


I am using an unstructured global simulation model in which grid elements are triangles instead of rectangular grid-boxes. Previous messages on this list indicated that IDV can handle grids in which the latitude and longitude can be functions of a 2-dimensional i-j index, but my data might be too unstructured for this. I would also like to use IDV to visualize data from a finite-volume atmospheric model in which the rectangular grid sizes vary continuously from one grid box to another. This finite-volume grid might also be too "unstructured" to put onto a 2-d horizontal grid. In this model, the latitude and longitude are a function of a single "i" dimension in the horizontal, but I don't know if IDV can handle this.

I'm attempting to put the output from these models into netCDF CF-convention format, but before I do I'm wondering what would be the best way to get unstructured model results into IDV. I believe that VisAD can handle visualizing unstructured grid, but I'm not sure what's the best way to get IDV to understand my data.

Thanks for any help,

Martin Otte
Research Associate
Duke University