IDV 1.1 beta 3 available

The latest Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) release (1.1 beta 3) is
now available for download.  Please see the IDV homepage:

for information on downloading and using the IDV.

This release is primarily a maintenance release.  New features
in this release:

* Continued enhancement of displays of Level II Archive Format in the IDV.

    * Improved pseudo-RHI displays
    * Better performance

* Beta support for reading GeoTIFF data files.

* Beta version of in-display color bars

* Enhancement of derived quantities and formulas portion of IDV.

* Performance improvements

* General User Interface tightening

* Updated user and developer (javadoc) documentation

* Preliminary Web Mapping Service (WMS) interface

* Various and sundry bug fixes

If you have questions or problems, please contact support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Don Murray
Unidata User Support                                    UCAR Unidata Program
303 497 8643                                                  P.O. Box 3000
support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                   Boulder, CO 80307
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