Changes to the IDV implementation

Hi all,

We (the IDV development team at Unidata) are currently engaged in a major documentation and code refactoring effort. We are planning on having this effort completed by the next release
of the IDV which should be in  mid-March.

As part of this effort we have finally taken the plunge to refactor the central IDV class:
This class was getting too bloated and unwieldy. What we have done is break it apart into a collection of "Managers" that handle command line argument processing,
user preferences, gui, etc.   Hopefully, these changes will have little
or no impact on any code that you may have written against the IDV framework.

However, there are some things that may be broken. Some of the IDV commands that are defined in defaultmenu.xml have changed. So if you are using your own custom
menu bar xml the xml will need to be changed to reflect the new calls.

We have also refactored the DisplayConventions class to have it based on a real object, not just a collection of static methods. The reasoning here is so that an application could provide its own DisplayConventions code that provides for more customization than the resource xml based approach provides. So, if you have written a custom DisplayControl
that uses these static methods you will need to change that as well.

If any of you have code that you want to test against the current development code base drop us a line and we can work something out with you before the release next month. We'd also like to hear about anything interesting you might be doing with the IDV.

On the documentation front we are hoping to have most of the core code base fully javadocc'ed
and to have an updated version of the developer docs.

Jeff McWhirter