Re: [gembud] [idvusers] 20220303: NEXRAD Level 3 products available in the IDD

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Hello Gembud,

Thanks Unidata for sending out this summary.  I have one correction to the 
GEMPAK section.  The active discussion about "Super-Res" has been happening 
within the Github project and not on the gembud email list.  A user just 
subscribed to gembud would not see that traffic.   With a bit more testing, I 
hope to cut a patch release of GEMPAK with these products supported within a 
few days.

With regards to why products were not discontinued on NOAAPort already.  Just 
like how it took 10 years [1] to discontinue N0R, when N0Q came around due to 
legacy workflows within the NWS not supporting N0Q (cough 
cough).  The are NWS entities still reliant on N0Q over noaaport and have not 
switched to other dissemination systems like those mentioned in the SCN which 
will continue to have N0Q available.



From: idvusers <idvusers-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on behalf of Unidata User 
Support <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, March 3, 2022 2:41 PM
To: ldm-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; gembud@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; 
idvusers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; mcidas-x@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; thredds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [idvusers] 20220303: NEXRAD Level 3 products available in the IDD

Users of the Unidata LDM/IDD NEXRAD3 (aka NNEXRAD) data feed:

Some time ago, the NWS announced plans to replace serveral lower
resolution NEXRAD Level 3 products with "Super-Res" products in the
NOAAPort SBN.  Here is a link to the service change notice regarding
this change:

The changes outlined in the notice are pertinent since ALL of the NEXRAD
Level 3 products distributred in the IDD NEXRAD3 feed come from the

As you will see in the notice, the timetable for making the content change
was "on or Around February 2, 2022".   Since a spot check this morning
of availability of several of the products indicated to be dropped shows
that they are still flowing in the IDD, it is clear that the full set
of changes to products distributed in NOAAPort has not yet been made,
but one should assume that the change will be forthcoming.


There have been active discussions in the gembud@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
email list related to support of the new "Super-Res" images in GEMPAK.
Users subscribed to gembud email list should already be aware of the
community efforts, lead by Daryl Herzmann, being made to ensure that
the new products are fully usable in the version of GEMPAK that can be
downloaded from the Unidata GEMPAK area of GitHub:

McIDAS-X and ADDE users:

The public facing ADDE servers that we maintain have been upgraded
to support the new "Super-Res" images now flowing in NOAAPort and the
LDM/IDD NEXRAD3 feed.  All of the code modifications needed for this
support will be made in the next Unidata McIDAS-X release.

TDS users:

The new NEXRAD Level 3 products have been available on the Unidata
maintained TDS instances since the products were first added to the
NOAAPort SBN and the LDM/IDD NEXRAD3 feed.

AWIPS Users:

The new NEXRAD Level 3 products are also available from the Unidata EDEX
instance in the Jetstream cloud.

FNEXRAD national composite users:

National composites of the "Super-Res" N0B base reflectivity product
will be added to the LDM/IDD FNEXRAD feed after the latest version
of GEMPAK available on GitHub has been built and tested in Unidata.

Please send non-GEMPAK related questions to:


Best regards,

Unidata User Support
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