[gembud] dcgrib2 or nagrib2 - eliminating additional description chars appended to non-ensemble grid names

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  • Subject: [gembud] dcgrib2 or nagrib2 - eliminating additional description chars appended to non-ensemble grid names
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  • Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2021 16:49:07 +0000
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Greetings.  When degribbing an NDFD max temp grib2 file whether by nagrib2 or 
dcgrib2 we see the grid file written for this field is named TMXKnn (where nn 
is a two digit string indicating the time period in hours the max temp is valid 
- examples: TMXK07 or TMXK12)

Is there a way to remove the trailing characters so that what is stored in the 
grid file is only TMKX using these degribbers?

After looking through the GEMBUD archives and finding nothing related, we have 
tried the following without success...

  1.  Dcgrib2: Setting the -e ENSEXT=1 or 0 has no effect
  2.  Nagrib2: Setting PDSEXT=NO also has no effect
  3.  We verified the table providing the name TMXK is 
$GEMTBL/grid/g2varswmo1.tbl (by copying it to the local directory, changing the 
proper line of TMXK to TEST, pointing nagrib2 or dcgrib2 to it).  However we 
now get in the grid file TESTnn (with the same two digit characters).  So this 
doesn't seem to control if or not the two chars get appended.
  4.  We also tried to see if we could somehow change the name of the field in 
the griB (with a "B") file using the "wgrib2 tips and tricks" 
(https://www.ftp.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/wd51we/wgrib2/tricks.wgrib2) but this was 
not easily evident on how to do so.
  5.  We did resorting to running gddiag to take the existing TMXKnn and write 
it back into the grid file as TMXK (sans two digit characters) but we are 
finding time stamp issues with this method (despite explicitly specifying the 
time stamp).  So this was not successful either.


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