Re: [gembud] GFS v16 pressure levels < 1 mb and GEMPAK

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  • Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2021 15:24:19 +0000
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Thanks for raising this issue Robert.  I have added a github issue denoting the 
same here:

I checked the most recent release of NCEP NAWIPS and don't see any change log 
entries denoting fixing this nor in the release coming tomorrow (*7.14.0*).  So 
no good news at the moment on this issue.


 * daryl herzmann
 * Systems Analyst III -- Iowa Environmental Mesonet

From: gembud <gembud-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> on behalf of Steve Decker 
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2021 4:13 PM
To: gembud@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [gembud] GFS v16 pressure levels < 1 mb and GEMPAK

Hmm, looking at the code (e.g., 
) it appears the vertical levels may fundamentally be integers at the file 
format level.  Maybe NCEP has a fix (I have no idea), but it doesn't look like 
it would be easy.


On 3/22/21 4:54 PM, Mullenax, Robert R. (WFF-820.0)[ORBITAL SCIENCES 
CORPORATION] via gembud wrote:
Hello GEMPAK users,

We are wanting to use the 0.7 mb height, temp, and wind from the new GFS v16. 
However, after decoding the file and doing a gdinfo, the 0.7 mb level doesn’t 
show up. I am assuming GEMPAK has an issue with a pressure level as a decimal. 
I also assume NCEP likely provided a fix for that. Has anyone using Unidata 
GEMPAK fixed this to look at data < 1 mb?

Robert Mullenax

Robert Mullenax
Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility

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