Re: [gembud] G-16 & GEMPAK

I concur with this. Right now, I am using McIDAS ADDE commands to retrieve 
GOES-16 imagery from Unidata, remap it and then save it in AREA format for use 
in NMAP2, but obviously having more full support would be optimum. Seems to me 
we are a long, long way from replacing GEMPAK at least as we use it, but I 
admit I have fallen behind on AWIPS2 and Python developments.

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GEMbud & Unidata Community:

I am writing to suggest an action item that Unidata support  G16 (and 
eventually G17) imagery for GEMPAK. Ideally, G16 and G17 would take the place 
of the CONUS-EAST and CONUS-WEST feeds via NIMAGE. I know the 4 & 8km data are 
available, but it's not able to replace the regional views and scripting that 
we currently have in place.

This is on my list of things to suggest at the upcoming UserCom meeting, but I 
figured it would be a good idea to toss this out to the community now. I 
realize there is an effort to sunset GEMPAK (and I agree with this eventual 
process), but IMO, Unidata should continue to support these data until a 
suitable alternative is capable of doing everything GEMPAK can accomplish. 
Maybe it's my soft spot for the software I grew up on 😉



Dr. Vittorio (Victor) A. Gensini

Assistant Professor

Department of Geographic and Atmospheric Sciences

Northern Illinois University

Davis Hall (DH), Room 118

DeKalb, IL 60115
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