[gembud] GEMPAK 7.4.1 Release

GEMPAK 7.4.1 is available as source code and binary packages for CentOS
6/7, Fedora Core (26), and Ubuntu (16.04):

7.4.1 Release Notes:

* Grib2 table updates for moisture, momentum, mass, radiation, hydrology,
cloud/aerosol, more.
* Removed repetitive dcmetr log messages.
* Pattern actions in ldm/etc/templates/pqact.gempak_decoders_grid for
NamDNG and the National Blend of Models.
* Alias/mod_res updates, increased max # grids in file for gfs, nam, URMA,
* Bug fix for AWIPS grid retrieval in scripts/python/GridDataRetriever.py

Linux Binaries

* 64-bit RPM for CentOS/RedHat 6
* 64-bit RPM for CentOS/RedHat 7
* 64-bit RPM for Fedora Core
* 64-bit Ubuntu/Debian binary

Michael James
Unidata Program Center
Boulder, CO
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