[gembud] GEMPAK 7.4.0 Release

GEMPAK 7.4.0 is available as source code and binary packages for CentOS 6,
CentOS 7, Fedora Core (26), and Ubuntu Linux (16.04):

7.4.0 Release Notes:

* Increased nex2img maximum GINI size
* Maps and bounds file operational updates from NAWIPS 7.4.0
* Grib table and pqact updates for 2.5km GFSMOS
* Fixed G-AIRMET issues when more than 20 points are drawn below the
centroid of a smear or snapshot polygon
* Bug fix in ensemble diagnostic function ENS_CVAL
* Added new GEMPAK grid diagnostic function: neighborhood functions,
developed by SPC
* Updated HYSPLIT restore files for parameter name changes
* Fixed nmap2 and gdplot2 bug where program was unable to display global
wrapped CED grids for subareas including poles
* Fixed prob2cat bug that occurs while composing convective outlook, and
bug where lines are drawn outside international boundaries
* Fixed dccsig when handling isolated or lines of thunderstorms
* Linux binaries built with Docker containers on Travis CI

Linux Binaries

* 64-bit RPM for CentOS/RedHat 6
* 64-bit RPM for CentOS/RedHat 7
* 64-bit RPM for Fedora Core
* 64-bit Ubuntu/Debian binary

Michael James
Unidata Program Center
Boulder, CO
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