[gembud] NAM 40km decode maxes out to f072

I didn’t get the details of Russ Schumacher and other’s solution for decoding 
NAM 40km after the NAM changes. I assumed a simple overstatement of max grid 
count would do the trick.

Our ldm 6.3.5 with GEMPAK 7.3.1 and a $GEMTBL/grid/gribkey.tbl entry for nam 
grid 212:
#007   x   084,085   212    data/gempak/model/nam/YYYYMMDDHH_nam@@@.gem   24000
# changed to
007   x   084,085   212    data/gempak/model/nam/YYYYMMDDHH_nam@@@.gem   64000

is producing data at 1hr intervals to f036, then 3hr intervals out to only fcst 
f072 according to gdinfo, including gdinfo output lines 

Number of grids in file: 31999
Maximum number of grids in file:  31999

and no data to f084 as before.

Likewise if I manually snag the grib2 file and decode:


dcgrib2 -m 80000 -v2 -d ./ncepgriblog -e GEMTBL=$GEMTBL YYYYMMDDHH_nam.gem < 

I get the same .gem content as seen from gdinfo.

Any suggestions?

Neil R. Smith, Senior IT Specialist II neils@xxxxxxxx
College of Geosciences, Texas A&M Univ. 979/845-6272

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