Re: [gembud] Text rotation not working

I am trying to make use of the text rotation option in GEMPAK. According to the documentation,
     "The text rotation is a character input that specifies whether the
      text is aligned with the screen (S) or with north (N) on a given
image. If the choice is invalid or not specified, the current value
      will be used."
which is given in the fifth option in TEXT. To test out the text alignment option towards the north, I tried plotting a map of North America with lat/lon lines using GPMAP with TEXT=1/21/1/1/N/C. However, the lat/lon labels remain aligned with the screen and not parallel with latitude lines. Is there something I have missed?

You haven't given GEMPAK anything to rotate... grid labels are relative ..

for example if we specify:

LATLON   =  24/12/1/1;1/10;10/48.;-180./1

TEXT     =  1.24///221/N/c

the result will be a geographic grid labeled every 10 degrees, but the labels will be relative to the map surface... like so:

However, if we specify plot all station IDs using STNPLT, and request for them be north oriented using the same text qualifier above:

STNPLT   = 5/1|3/12/1.25/2|sfstns.tbl

TEXT     =  1.24///221/N/c

all station IDs will be oriented towards the north pole  :

good luck...



Patrick L. Francis

Director of Research & Development

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