[gembud] GDVINT: [GDVINT -15] Grid size is too large.


I'm trying to use GDVINT to convert a gem file of RAP data from its native
sigma coordinates to pressure coordinates.  Here is my input:

 GDFILE    Grid file
 GDOUTF    Output grid file                  2014012812_presvcord.gem
 GDATTIM   Grid date/time                    f000
 GVCORD    Grid vertical coordinate          sgma:10/pres
 GLEVEL    Grid level                        100-1000-50
 MAXGRD    Maximum number of grids           5000
 GAREA     Graphics area                     30;-100;50;-60
 VCOORD    Vertical coordinate type          none;hght

However, I encounter this error:

 [GDVINT -15]  Grid size is too large.

I'm not really sure what this means, since I've tried reducing the GAREA
all the way down to a 1x1 lat/lon square, and MAXGRD to 1, and GLEVEL to
900-1000-50, and even have run with all three of these minimalist settings
at once, yet encounter this error every time.  Which thing is too large,
and how do I make that thing smaller?


Ryan Connelly
M.S. Student in Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University
B.S. in Meteorology with Minors in Mathematics and GIS, Valparaiso
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