Re: [gembud] batch product generation

Hi Neil,

What I've found works well is to have two scripts, a product script and a
runner.  The product script is mostly the code you have there, minus the
loop.  Have it accept forecast hour, and possibly other vars (e.g.
initialization time) as command line arguments.  Then take that foreach
loop and put it into another script, I call it a runner.  Inside the loop
execute the product script, passing the necessary variables.  You then can
have multiple product scripts if you want to plot different things.

The important part is to add an ampersand '&' to the end of the command.
This will run the product script in the background, and move on with the
rest of the code and/or the next iteration of the loop.  If you think it
necessary, you can include a 'wait' command after the loop to pause the
rest of the runner until the background product scripts are finished.

Then just execute the runner, kick back with some coffee, and watch it go.

Hope this helps,


Mike Zuranski
Meteorology Support Analyst
College of DuPage - Nexlab

On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 12:44 PM, Smith, Neil R <n-smith2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> One can get hold of some pretty impressive horse power these days â cpu
> core count and massive system RAM.
> I have experimental access to one such and am wanting to test batch
> submission of forecast maps to see just what I can get away with. Could I
> get 20 gdplot2 jobs of 20 gfs forecast hours running on 20 cores
> simultaneously?
> I think Iâm asking whatâs a good way to submit gdplot2 image production in
> the background?
> eg., if I currently plot GFS 250mb height, winds, and isotaches by running
> each forecast hour successively with:
> ââââ
> #!/bin/csh
> # restore file gfs.215.nts has appropriate GDFILE specification
> foreach fcst ( `seq -w 000 006 120` )
> set outfile = 250wnd_gfs_f${fcst}.gif
>   gdplot2<<END_INPUT
>    restore gfs.215.nts
>    GDATTIM  = f${fcst}
>    GLEVEL   = 250
>    GVCORD   = pres
>    GDPFUN   = knts(mag(wnd)) ! hght ! kntv(wnd)
>    CINT     = ! 120 !
>    TITLE    = 31/-3/GFS FORECAST INIT ^ ! 31/-2/${fcst}-HR FCST VALID ?~ !
>    DEVICE   = GIF|$outfile|1880;1010
>    FINT     = 70;90;110;130;150;170
>    FLINE    = 0;5;10;17;13;15;30
>    TYPE     = f ! c ! b
>   r
>   exit
> gpend
> end
> ââââ
> how could I modify this effort to submit each forecast hour job
> simultaneously onto the system?
> And Iâm not averse to bash shell. If itâs much easier with bash, Iâll take
> any suggestions.
> Neil
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