[gembud] Unidata AWIPS II 14.4.1 now availalable

I recommend that everyone running 14.2.1 update to 14.4.1. The process of
updating is simple and the benefits are tremendous (many more data products
supported and accessible, as well as improved stability).

Some important notes:

* A new public data server is available at *edex-cloud.unidata.ucar.edu
<http://edex-cloud.unidata.ucar.edu>* - this server requires 14.4.1 CAVE
and connections from 14.2.1 clients are not supported.  Your CAVE
connectivity preferences drop-down menu will have this server available by
default (as well as "localhost" and "edex").

* You must *completely remove your 14.2.1 instance before installing 14.4.1*,
to ensure that all required packages are installed (there were some updates
to package names and release numbers that may cause conflict on *yum

To update from 14.2.1 to 14.4.1 (as root):

edex stop
yum groupremove awips2-server -y
yum clean all
rm -rf /awips2/data/
yum groupupdate awips2-server -y
edex start

Please reference the full installation instructions for your install or

Some of the improvements and features in this release include:

- Server-side compression now reduces data transfer sizes by an order of
- Client-side caching of maps and data resources (in ~/caveData/cache/)
reduces querying and loading time.
- Python Data Access Framework allows users to write Python scripts to
query remote EDEX maps and data.
- NCEP/Hydro and Upper Air menus now available in D2D
- D2D single-pane default perspective, toggleable to 5-pane "classic" view.
- NCP resources can now be loaded directly from the D2D perspective, making
available the GEMPAK-like grid display without having to switch to the NCP
- Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor (MRMS) full support for decoding and displaying
gzipped grib2 files from NSSL.
- Support for decoding and displaying USPLN lightning data.
- NEXRAD3 menu includes full set of NEXRAD and TDWR sites, organized by
- NEXRAD3 mosaic capability renders a national composite of certain level 3
products queried from individual station files (functional but slow).
- Save/Load Bundle feature added for D2D, allowing users the option of
saving bundles (as xml files) locally to disk or synced in ~/caveData to
the EDEX server.
- McIDAS AREA files from the UNIWISC IDD feed decoded and displayed by the
satellite plugins.
- Java 1.6 -> 1.7
- Fixed problem with how LDM writes CMC-REG grib1 messages which caused
EDEX ingestGrib JVM to crash.
- Full south polar stereographic UNIWISC McIDAS area file support.
- Partial GVAR native projection support.
- D2D "Map Scale" menu now includes satellite-specific map projections
(Arctic, Antarctica, Alaska-Hawaii-PR Regional, East/West CONUS, Global,
- D2D max number of frames increased to 400
- Ingest JVMs now run with maximum 4096M of memory.
- Qpid components updated from 0.30 -> 0.32
- Various fixes to EDEX-side hydro applications.
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