Re: [gembud] Using GEMPAK for Real-time exercise

Hi – nmap2 has a calendar functionality via the RANGE/Int to allow you to set 
the ENDING date/time of a loop to “see” older data if its in your regular data 
dir.  Or you can define your $MODEL or $OBS or whatever data dir to where ever 
your retrospective data may be sitting.  Use the  Click the HELP button in 
NMAP2 (upper right hand corner, select DATA SELECTION) for more details.



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Does anyone have any suggestions on using GEMPAK/N-AWIPS to facilitate a 
real-time severe weather exercise?

So far I have created separate SIM users that have a gemenviron.profile 
pointing to a completely separate data and tables tree which can be managed by 
an exercise controller.​ Because of how the N-tools work, I have noticed that 
timestamps need to be made current in order to display immediately in frame 

On another note, does NCDC archived level 3 data require decoding? The files I 
have attempted to load are not working natively with GEMPAK (Previous 
experience says level 2 should work fine).

Any input/lessons learned would be greatly appreciated.



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