[gembud] 20141107: impending power down and potential service interruptions

Unidata Users:

Tomorrow (Saturday, November 8) at 6 am MST, scheduled maintenance in
two computer rooms where Unidata hosts a variety of community-facing
services will begin and last between 12 and 54 hours.  We have implemented
failover procedures that are intended to minimize or negate service
outages, but there is a chance that the backup systems, which will be
running off of unconditioned wall power, could be knocked offline by a
utility power outage.

Services that may/will be interrupted are:

Service                      Potential Service Interruption
idd.unidata.ucar.edu         relay service is expected to stay up
thredds.ucar.edu             data serving is expected to stay up
adde.ucar.edu                data serving is expected to stay up

www.unidata.ucar.edu         read-only for the majority of Saturday;

                             No user-initiated changes (registrations,
                             etc.) will be available, and all mailing
                             list traffic will be suspended.

goeseast.unidata.ucar.edu    service will be unavailable throughout the
goeswest.unidata.ucar.edu    service will be unavailable throughout the


Please remember that TDS and ADDE services are available on the alternate
"motherlode clone" machines, atm.ucar.edu and idd.ssec.wisc.edu (aka
adde.ssec.wisc.edu, unidata2-new.ssec.wisc.edu).

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause.

Best Regards,

Unidata User Support
********************************************************************** <
Unidata User Support                              UCAR Unidata Program <
(303)497-8643                                            P.O. Box 3000 <
support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                             Boulder, CO 80307 <
---------------------------------------------------------------------- <
Unidata Web Support               http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/support  <
********************************************************************** <

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