Re: [gembud] N0Q "no image" from GARP

It works in version 6.4.0.

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Has anyone been able to get N0Q Radar data to display using GARP?
When I try to pull up an N0Q image, the message at the bottom of the display 
windows says “No Image”.
In the Terminal window, it says:
“GEMPAK: [IM -3] Image file /data/newdata/nexrad/NIDS/JGX/N0Q/N0Q_20141007_1132 
not a supported format”

I updated the $GARPHOME/tables/nexrad.tbl and $GARPHOME/tables/rad_enhance.tbl 
to try and support N0Q.
I am currently using openGARP with GEMPAK6.8.0.


Andrew Little
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Success from the word GO.

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