[gembud] AWIPS II 14.2.1 Release

Hi folks,

Unidata AWIPS II 14.2.1 is now available to download for beta testing.
 This non-operational version of AWIPS II runs on 64-bit Red Hat and CentOS
6, and is provided as tarball archive and via remote yum repository.

See the Unidata AWIPS II software page for more information:


Full installation instructions can be found here:


For beta testers, we have made available an EDEX Data Server in the
Microsoft Azure cloud,  which you can connect to at
edex-azure.unidata.ucar.edu (read the above linked installation
instructions carefully).

This is a *testing* server only, for us to investigate performance.  Data
availability has no guarantee, services may be stopped or restarted without
notification, load times may grow long with many simultaneous connections,
and so forth.  Models from NGRID and CONDUIT are available, as are
Satellite imagery from UNIWISC and NIMAGE feeds, upper air and surface
observations, and watches and warnings and other text products.

Also note, this cloud server does not offer NEXRAD level 3 site products,
instead we have made available FNEXRAD composite (GINI satellite) images
for DHR, DVL, EET, HHC and more, which can be displayed in NCP and D2D.

Data availability on this cloud instance is limited, therefore we encourage
you to install your own EDEX Data Server, and configure the products you
would like in the LDM files etc/ldmd.conf and etc/pqact.conf (installed by
the awips2-ldm RPM).

We encourage participants to use this mailing list for troubleshooting and
other questions which benefit us all.


Michael James
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