Re: [gembud] GARP Segmentation Fault When Selecting Radar Site

MAXBUTTONS is defined as 200 in openGARP/build/include/children.h

I don't know if increasing this value will solve your problem but it is worth a 

On 06/26/14 12:51, Haley, Robert E wrote:
Good Afternoon Everyone,

A few months ago GARP started crashing  for us when selecting a radar site.  
The only message displayed to the terminal
was “Segmentation Fault”.  After some playing around we concluded it was due to 
there being 201 radar sites in our data
tree.  If we removed a couple sites so there were only 199, GARP worked fine.  
If anyone knows a fix (other than
sacrificing some radar sites), or where to change this value in the source code 
I would greatly appreciate it.

I know GARP hasn’t been supported for some time now, but I have a few 
colleagues  that have stoically remained loyal
because it works better than NMAP for their activities.

Thanks for the help!


Robert Haley

Weather Systems Administrator

Applied Aviation Sciences

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Office: (386) 323-8033



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