[gembud] 64-bit GEMPAK7 on Solaris 11 x64 revisited

For what it's worth I was able to successfully build a 64-bit version of 
GEMPAK7 on Solaris 11 x64 using Solaris Studio 12.2 by using -xarch=generic64 
in Makeinc.x86 and by adding 'CFLAGS=-xarch=generic64' to some of the configure 
lines in some of the Makefiles in extlibs.

Unfortunately, the resulting program is broken in many ways. NSHARP won't 
display Observed Soundings and selecting Model Data won't evenin get you a list 
of available times. Sat, radar, obs, works fine in NMAP2 but trying to display 
Model Data results in a crash. gdpoint doesn't work at all, gdplot2 conversely 
works fine..so it's a mixed bag.

If someone else decides to try this and gets it to work I'd like to hear about 
it, even if you used gcc. I am going to move on and just keep working around 
the 2GB file size limit.

Robert Mullenax
CSBF Meteorology

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