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Here at CPTEC/INPE - Brazil - We try to keep these tables updated, and put them on our online database. Some pages are only in portuguese - sorry.

You can access our latest stations table in:

You can search the database or just get the complete list clicking in "todas as estações" (All Stations). Then you can create the gempak-formatted table clicking in "Gempak synop" or "gempak metar"

We will be grateful if you tell us about any wrong or missing data you find.


Em 05/04/2014 00:13, Mike Hardiman - NWS Federal escreveu:

Does anyone happen to have a more up-to-date METAR surface station table for GEMPAK? I really only need stations in Canada, USA, and Mexico. The tables included with GEMPAK 7 are grossly outdated. For example, it's missing at least 8 stations in Arizona, and at least a couple stations in New Mexico -- one of which has been commissioned for over 2 years.

I realize these can be a pain to keep up-to-date. Perhaps someone has written a script that can reformat station tables from AWIPS in to GEMPAK format?


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