Re: [gembud] dctaf running amok

Devin - yes; I had some luck refining the pqact.conf to FTUS instead of
just FT . . . but even then, every once in a while, dctaf goes amok.

The end solution was to add a -close after the PIPE, add a -t 1, then
have a periodic cron that watches for dctaf processes more than a minute
or so old, then kill them.


On 02/20/2014 08:03 AM, Devin Eyre wrote:
> For the last week or so, every morning when I've checked our ldm server, 
> there's been two or three dctaf processes running, with two of them using up 
> 100% of a CPU core, and more than an hour of actual CPU time on each one.  
> We're running GEMPAK 6.6.0.  Has anyone else seen this happen, or found a way 
> to prevent it from happening?
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