Re: [gembud] OpenLayers and GEMPAK

What I've done for OpenLayers and Mapserver, was to create an image with
the corners registered. Depending on the Gempak app you're using this can
be "interesting" and require some tuning to get things right. Then, the
image can become ageoreferenced PNG. You need a worldfile (.pgw) that looks
WLD -- ESRI World File

A world file file is a plain ASCII text file consisting of six values
separated by newlines. The format is:

 pixel X size
 rotation about the Y axis (usually 0.0)
 rotation about the X axis (usually 0.0)
 negative pixel Y size
 X coordinate of upper left pixel center
 Y coordinate of upper left pixel center

For example:


You can construct that file simply by using your favorite text editor.

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 3:06 PM, HUGHES Mark <Mark.HUGHES@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

>  Hi All,
> I am trying to overlay a GEMPAK .png weather map over a Bing map using
> OpenLayers.
> Has anyone done this and could you provide some examples?  My thought is
> to produce one map of the world and then to display a portion which is
> relevant to the user.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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