[gembud] Looking to hire Gempak/NEXRAD wizards

Hey Gembud folks!  I’m not sure if this is frowned upon or not, but we’re 
trying to hire a guru for a full-time job working with Gempak and raw NEXRAD 
data in general, and I’m not sure where else to go 😊

We’re a small company with dev offices in Portland, OR, and we’re willing to 
pay well, and pay relocation fees.  We produce a really popular mobile app 
called MyRadar, and we’d like to really step up development on the app… but we 
need some really smart guys to do it.  It’s a really cool opportunity to work 
with a small group doing really new and inventive things 😊

If there’s anyone out there in Gembud land who might be interested in at least 
learning more, email us back at gembud@xxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:gembud@xxxxxxxxxxx> !

Again, my apologies if this is a frowned-upon practice ☹

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