[gembud] GEMPAK 6.7.0: Max Number of stations in STNFIL: 30000

I have more than 80k of stations that I want to put in a sffile, but am hitting 
a limit of 30000.

I have checked through the archives and and greped through the common source 
files, but cannot find the variable that limits the number of STATIONS that can 
be in a GEMPAK surface point file.

SFOUTF   = snow.sfc
STNFIL   = biasblend.tbl
TIMSTN   = 24
SFFSRC   = metr

New surface file:      snow.sfc
 Parameter file:        METAR.PACK
 Station file:          biasblend.tbl
 Number of stations in STNFIL:   30000
Number of additional stations:      0
Total number of stations:       30000
Total number of times:             24

This file will be a standard surface file.

Stephen Sinnis
Pelmorex Inc
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