Re: [gembud] NARR conversion to height coordinates?

Hi Michael:

Just to followup, I was able to get things to work based on Josh's
suggestion. Once I converted awip32-fixed to .gem format, I ran GDMOD to
append awip32-fixed.gem to my existing NARR files. From there, I ran GDVINT
(script snippet follows):

gdvint << GDVINT_EOF
 GDFILE   = ${copyFile}
 GDOUTF   = ${copyFile}
 GDATTIM  = f00
 GLEVEL   = 500-10000-500
 GVCORD   = pres/zagl
 MAXGRD   = 999
 VCOORD   = pres;none

>From the initial results I have, it appears everything is properly
interpolated to ZAGL coordinates. Appreciate all the input!


>Peter, Josh,
>Gave this a shot as well but the date/time difference is a problem. a
>decoded AWIP32-fixed.grb file has GDATTIM = 791108/0000F000 which will not
>be read when doing a GDVINT pres/zagl conversion on f00.
>However, I was able to convert first from pres-to-hght and then
>hght-to-zagl, without the AWIP32-fixed grids, but I'm not confident the
>final grid file is correct.

Peter C. Banacos, Lead Forecaster
NOAA/National Weather Service
WFO Burlington, VT
E-mail: peter.banacos@xxxxxxxx
Phone: (802) 862-2475
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