Re: [gembud] NARR conversion to height coordinates?

Hi Peter, 

To covert the pressure to AGL using GDVINT I think you need to add the surface 
file to the NARR first. You can download the surface file from the NOMADS site 
( It is called AWIPS32-fixed.grb. 
Convert that to GEMPAK and then add it to the NARR GEMPAK file and then try to 
convert it. I'm not 100 percent that will work, but it worked for me when I got 
that same error. 


On Oct 4, 2012, at 9:38 AM, Peter Banacos <Peter.Banacos@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> All:
> I'm trying to convert NARR gem files from pressure to height (agl) 
> coordinates using GDVINT. I've tried various combinations for VCOORD
> but I always receive the same error about "required surface elevation is 
> absent". When I downloaded the grib files, I selected all variables.
> Here is some sample output:
>  GEMPAK-GDVINT>display
>  GDFILE    Grid file                         20100128_1800.gem
>  GDOUTF    Output grid file                  20100128_1800z.gem
>  GDATTIM   Grid date/time                    f00
>  GVCORD    Grid vertical coordinate          pres/zagl
>  GLEVEL    Grid level                        500-10000-500
>  MAXGRD    Maximum number of grids           999
>  GAREA     Graphics area                     grid
>  VCOORD    Vertical coordinate type          pres;none
>  PRES         found.
>  TMPK         found.
>  HGHT         found.
>  SPFH         found.
>  OMEG         found.
>  UWND         found.
>  VWND         found.
>  TKE          found.
>  CLWMR        found.
>  ICMR         found.
>  MCONV        found.
>  LFTX         found.
>  [GDVINT 4]  Warning--no surface elevation grid exists.
>  [GDVINT -7]  Required surface elevation is absent.
> Does anyone have any experience converting NARR to height AGL coordinates? 
> Thanks in advance. 
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