Re: [gembud] Creating composite from

 Thanks ... over a year of toying to get it :)

Using the ftp site is going to be very difficult at best.
GEMPAK expects the radar data to be named a certain way,
in a certain directory on your system..
see  NAWIPS/gempak/tables/config/datatype.tbl

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[/Snip] <<<

As Gerry mentioned , the easiest, less painful solution is to have an active
LDM connection, that way you can receive the raw data within minutes if not 
of scan completion, and file it the way GEMPAK expects/needs

-Jeff Lake

On 8/8/2012 21:11, John Coryat wrote:

That's a beautiful map. I'd love to know how I can create the radar overlay from the ftp data available at NOAA. My missing piece is how to take the ftp data into GEMPAK.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

-John Coryat

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