[gembud] no data written by dc* progs

I've noticed from the past posts that this has been a problem, but I don't see 
a post with a solution.
Is there a soltuion?  I'd be very greateful if someone would share if there is.

I've disabled ipv6 on our system.

Here's a previous description that fits mine to the tee:

I've run into a problem with 5.11.4 where the decoders will not write files 
into $GEMDATA. If I wipe out the directory structure, the progs will create all 
of the proper subdirectories, but they will not be populated with data. In the 
various log files, all the apps complain about not being able to write to 
files. I've double checked the write permissions on the directories and ldm has 
write permissions (gempak was built under the ldm account, no gempak user.)
My system is:  Redhat Enterprise 4
Kernel is:   2.6.9-89.ELsmp #1 SMP Mon Apr 20 10:34:33 EDT 2009 i686 i686 i386 
There were no errors in the make or make_install logs that I could tell.

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