[gembud] building openGARP problem

I've run into a problem when I attempt to build opengarp. When I run make I get numerous messages similar to the following:

   ../init_actions.c:20:24: fatal error: winactions.h: No such file or
   compilation terminated.
   make[2]: *** [init_actions.o] Error 1
   make[2]: Leaving directory

The file "winactions.h" (and all files related to all the other errors) is in the build directory "~/openGARP/build/include/winactions.h". I'm not sure why the Makefile/compiler isn't finding these headers. Any ideas?

I'm building on Ubuntu LInux 12.04 x86-64 with Gempak 6.6.

Mark Tucker
Systems Administrator
Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences
Lyndon State College

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