[gembud] NWX question

Greetings - could not find this or similar on GEMBUD archives. 

Question - what needs to be done to a raw text file that doesnt seem to 
require a decoder so that it is displayable in NWX?

1. We are pulling AFDs directly from NOAA tgftp server for viewing in NWX. 
 When they arrive they are raw text files (like fxus61.kbox.afd.box.txt). 
After trial and error and viewing the source code we could get so far as 
to determine these raw text files should eventually land in 

2. Although we did not identify a decoder in $GEMEXE, we are uncertain if 
AFD's or similar require a GEMPAK decoder, nor are we sure if ".ext" is 
literal or it should be AFD. 

3. After copying the file into 20120614.AFD we were unable to get this to 
display in NWX (message is "No data available for FXUS61 BOX in the last 
120 hour(s)." with no error messages in the parent terminal window from 
which we launched NWX.

Better yet - is there an online resource that explains this?


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