[gembud] Few Random GEMPAK Related Questions

Hi everyone!

I've got a working copy of GEMPAK back installed under CentOS 5.8 (i386). 
Michael Foland and I worked on it over the weekend and got it up and running. I 
have a few other questions related to GEMPAK though that Mike and I wanted to 
ask the GEMBUD group on.

We're both looking at building GARP on our machines. Mike tried it but ran into 
some issues. Are there any build instructions to GARP we need to consult? I'll 
have Mike chime in later with specifics, but any general build instructions 
would be great.

Second, Kevin T. told me last time I chatted with him on the phone about trying 
IDV too. Is there any special install instructions for IDV or is that one 
pretty easy to download and run?

Lastly, we're trying to get these scripts going to ingest data into GEMPAK.

Are there any pointers you can give us, do do we need to reach out to the 
script authors on these for instructions to get them going.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

Nathan Parker

WeatherBug Backyard Support
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