[gembud] Support Request

Hello GEMPAK support,

We have been trying to install GEMPAK onto the system but have ran into a
problem and cannot find a solution. When we get to this point (see below),
we get the error code listed. What is the reason for this happening? Thanks
for your help.

[donjgatlin@localhost NAWIPS]$ tcsh
[donjgatlin@localhost ~/NAWIPS]$ source /home/donjgatlin/NAWIPS/Gemenviron
[donjgatlin@localhost ~/NAWIPS]$ bash
[donjgatlin@localhost NAWIPS]$ . /home/donjgatlin/NAWIPS/Gemenviron.profile
[donjgatlin@localhost NAWIPS]$ make all >& make.out & tail -f make.out
[1] 6459
bash: make: command not found
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