Re: [gembud] DCGRIB2 incorrect conversion for NAM conusnest

Hi Rob,

Out of curiousity, use the MDGDEC grib packing method in your dcgrib2 command:


dcgrib2 -e MDMETH=MDGDEC ...

I have run into strange values in the v component of the wind before, when using the default (MDGRB2) grib packing method, although I've only seen this happen with global grids of v-wind on the -2 PVU surface.

The resulting GEMPAK file will be much larger than with the MDGRB2 method.

Let us know if this helps ...


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On Thu, 10 May 2012, Robert Seigel wrote:


I am having difficulty correctly converting the new NAM conus nest into GEMPAK 
using DCGRIB2. Most of the grids are converting correctly, however the v-wind 
fields are bogus. This results in a lot of spurious calculations, including 
WND. Is anyone else having this problem?

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